The National Committee of CIGRE Southern Africa is honoured to host its 10th Regional conference. Due to Covid-19 restrictions the event will be hosted online only (virtual event). The conference will be CPD Accredited by the SAIEE. Points will only be allocated after the event.


The COVID-19 global pandemic has shown us how interconnected our lives are in this global village. It has forced behavioural changes on us all, given rise to innovative ways to work,

Similarly, our power networks, the interconnectedness of our power grids have to be just as resilient. They have to adapt and transform as we continuously shift to cleaner energy sources in order to build the power system for future generations.

This conference will provide a platform to deliberate on subjects that expound on how we can build, transform and adapt a resilient power system for the future. Discussions will be between electric utilities (generation/transmission/ distribution), municipalities, system operators, regulators, manufacturers, suppliers, universities, standardizing bodies, research laboratories and authorities on topics in the field of the development of power systems in Africa.

The proceedings will kick off on the 2nd of November with Tutorials and Feedback from the 2021 Paris Centennial Session that took place in August. This will be followed by two days of discussions and paper presentation. There will be awards for best paper, best contribution from a young engineer (NGN, under 35) and best student.

In the past, the regional conference has attracted upwards of 350 delegates from over 40 countries. We expect an even better turnout this year as the attendance will be virtual, eliminating the need for travel.

This event presents an opportunity to showcase new research, highlight regional challenges and network. We welcome delegates and sponsors from the region and far afield to join us for discussions, debates and the sharing of ideas on pertinent issues concerning the transformation of the power system for future generations.

Preferential Subjects

Papers across all study committees have been received. Preference was given to submissions in the fields of technology, planning, operations and markets as well as those covering actual project and operational experiences with focus on the following subjects:

  • Changing, adapting, hardening for power systems/grids/networks;
  • Managing power systems in a pandemic or global event;
  • New innovations or improvements to existing power systems/grids/networks;
  • Climate change;
  • Cyber security;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Data Capturing/Analysis for power systems;
  • Energy security;
  • Energy storage;
  • Microgrids, distributed energy resources;

Transforming the power system for future generations